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Netra Yagna

On 4th January, 2007 in early morning beginning netra yagna with lighting lamp. Pujya Navinbhai Sanghrajka, Pujya Arunbhai Saghrajka and family members Pujya Vyasbapa, Pujya Arunbhai, Pujya Dr. Muktiben Vyas (USA) and with Anoopam mission family Pujya Rajubhai dave (Principal of Yogiji Mahãrãj Mahãvidyãlay), Pujya Baratbhai Sheth (President of Youth Hostel Association), and Dhari Healthcare Center Pujya Dr Aminbhai, Pujya Dr Vaghela, Pujya Ranchoddas, Pujya Hetalbhai lakhai, Pujya Dr Bipinbhai, Pujya Dr Bhavsukhbhai were present during occasion. Anoopam Mission volunteers and NSS members were participated in Netra Yagna.

1150 eye patients were checking and selected 209 patients of cataract were sending to Rajkot for operation. Pujya Dr Hetalbhai lakhai, Pujya Dr Harshadbhai balgha, Pujya Dr Sandipbhai vasani, Pujya Dr Kajalben Patel did operation. Food and living arrangement organized by Anoopam mission volunteers during two days. Pujya Dr Muktiben Vyas (USA) checked the diabetics and BP patients and 110 patients send to specialist doctors. All operated patients were given hot blankets due to cold. All these were thankful to Pujya Navinbhai Sanghrajha (UK) and family.
This could happen due to specially blessings of Lord swaminarayan and Guruvarya Param Pujya Sahebji.

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