From July 17th through the 25th the annual Yogi Youth Camp (YYC) and Yogi Gnãn Shibir (YGS) took place at Anoopam Mission in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The camp and the shibir were blessed with the divine presence of Guruvarya Param Pujya Sahebji, Pujya Ashvinbhai and Pujya Harshadbhai. Opening Ceremony
The youth camp was the biggest yet with more than 200 kids attending. The youth were split into four groups, the toddlers, the pre-campers, the juniors and the seniors. The nine day camp took place with planned activities for toddlers, pre-campers, juniors and seniors throughout the day.

A typical day started with breakfast for the youth followed by arti and pujã in the mandir hall. The pujã was led by a camper coordinator who would teach proper sitting posture, recite shlokas, how to do mala etc. This was followed by indoor games in the dining hall.

Mid-morning for seniors involved presentations on various topics by Guruvarya Param Pujya Saheb Dada, Pujya Satish Uncle (UK), Pujya Virendra Uncle (Iowa), Pujya Shreebhai (Allentown) and Pujya Bhavishaben (UK). The topics covered were: Aagna, The Power of Prayer, Guru Bhakti & Parampara, and Ekantik ma Priti.

Mid-morning for juniors involved arts and crafts workshop and a session of Yoga by Pujya Walia Saheb and Pujya Barindrabhai. This was followed by a presentation session by Param Pujya Ashvinbhai, Param Pujya Harshadbhai, Pujya Shreebhai and Pujya Virendra Uncle. The topics were similar to those with the seniors but simplified and catered for the younger audience. All of the presentations were both informative and light-hearted.

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