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Proposed Rehabilitation Project Phase II

At “Dharma Bhakti Niketan“ the beneficiaries are sheltered in the temporary residences constructed under Phase I of the project by the help of IDRF USA. It is required to make permanent construction of residential building for the beneficiaries considering the extreme high and low temperature of the climatic condition of the Kutchh – Bhuj district . Still more victim children are there in the area who are required to be sheltered and cared.

Looking to the development of the beneficiary children and their academic progress, the well wishers and social workers of the area very much wish that a bigger campus be planned to accommodate more victim children.

For the noble cause of the proposed project, Anoopam Mission received required 7382 Sq. Met. Of land worth Rupees thirty two lacs.

Anoopam Mission is now taking up Phase II of this project of campus development with permanent construction with requisite infrastructure suitable for sheltering earthquake victim children.

The Phase II of the project includes construction of
(1) Hostel building 'NILKANTH' Completed
(2) Assembly and multi activity centre
(3) Administrative building
(4) Public Primary School

The design of the construction of the buildings for residence as well as infrastructure will be resistant to withstand natural calamities like earthquake and cyclones of this area.


Assembly & multi activity centre is planned in the campus. There the children can have get together activity, celebration of social, cultural and religious functions. The same will be also incorporating recreating indoor games for children including play area with toys and games. There will be also a library and reading room facility provided with books, periodicals, news papers etc.. Audio-visual programs, concerts, debates etc can be conducted. These facilities will encourage the extra curriculum activity and enhance overall development.

The hall will be used for regular morning and evening prayers for all the campus residents. This will help developing spiritual harmony among the residents through prayers and thereby creating an environment for spiritual upliftment and break monotony and have stress relaxation.


The administrative block includes reception, offices, councelling, primary health care unit, security, utilities etc.


For shaping the culture and future of the victim children a well equiped school is planned with all requisite facilities so as to enhance development of talents and skill of the children. This will provide a concrete base and create environment for educational growth.
The public primary school will be for Std. 1 to Std. 7 with all facilities as required including faculty office, laboratory, library, facilities for computer education etc.
The beneficiaries sheltered at the campus as well as socially and economically backward students from the surrounding area will also study in the school.

Campus is developed with necessary infrastructure consisting of roads, street light, water tank and bore well, provision of campus utilities, garden and play ground , tree plantation,
campus fencing etc.

With all above Anoopam Mission has planned for an ideal campus with all requisite amenities and infrastructure for entire survival and overall development for support of the earthquake victim children.
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