Relief Work
Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation Work
Temporary Relief Work

In the event of Earthquake disaster, Anoopam mission was one of the first to go into action right from 27th January 2001. Team from Anoopam Mission surveyed the requirement of affected areas and started two relief camps and carried out relief activities upto 22nd February 2001.

1. At Shinay. Ta. Anjar Dist.: Kutchh on Adipur Shinay Road.
2. At Samay Electronics at Morbi, Dist .: Rajkot on Shanala Road.

Anoopam Mission provided immediate relief to 2,01,250 earthquake victims of highly devastated areas of 175 interior villages of Rajkot, Kutchh-Bhuj, Porbandar, Surendranagar & Jamnagar Districts. The victims were provided with all requisite relief articles - Tents for shelter with Blankets, Sweaters, Thermal jacket, clothes, Untesil sets, Stoves, Candles, Torches, matchboxes, Water pauches, Water bottles, Water jars, Rice, Lentils, Tea, Sugar, Oil, medicines, First aids and Water Purification Kits, Tents for school classes, tents for rescue and relief wards for the earthquake victims etc...

Anoopam Mission provided tents and requisite material to start 216 Class rooms for education of 15600 students of earthquake affected areas.

Relief supplies to affected areas.
Tents are being made by volunteer at Anoopam Mission, Mogri
Cloths, Food and Tent distribution by the volunteer of Anoopam Mission.
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