With the implied acquiescence of Guruvarya Param Pujya Sahebji, with the guidance of Pujya Ashvinbhai and other respected saints, the Yogi youth camp was organized at the divine Land of Brahmajyoti from June 2nd until June 7th. Male kids and youths camp was organized at “Yogi Nagar” which was managed by Pujya Gopalbapa, Pujya Pareshbhai, Pujya Yagneshbhai, Pujya Pinakinbhai, Pujya Shreyashbhai, Anil, Dhananjay, Vasant, Nilkanth and Harsh. Female kids and youths camp was organized at “Yogikrupa”, which was managed by Parulben, Seemaben, Hinaben, Miraben, Komalben, Dr. Amiben and others.

Around 200 male kids and youths and 110 female kids and youths reached Brahmajyoti from Mogri, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand, Karamsad, Nadiad, Khambhat, Amdavad, Dahegam, Sathamba, Naroda, Ankleshwar, Vemar, Vadodara, Surat, Vapi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jasdan, Rajkot, Shinay and Dhari on June 1st. In the evening, all campers received the information about camp and completed their registration. Former campers, who are now active satsangi took part in sevã and encouraged new campers.

On 2nd June, the inaugural sabhã was organized in Parmitã Temple. After dhun and Poojan-Pushpãrpan, the deep-prãgatya and Mantra-pushpãnjali was performed by Pujya Ashvinbhai, Pujya Ratibhai, Pujya Poonambhai, Pujya V S Patel and other saints in the presence of Shri Thãkorji and Guruvarya Param Pujya Sahebji. Pujya Yagneshbhai, Pujya Pareshbhai and Pujya Dilipbhai explained the purpose of Shibir in their occasional speech. Pujya Ratibhai and Pujya Ashvinbhai gave blessings and encouragement to all. On this occasion, the letter from Pujya Shantibhai’s blessings was read. The Swãdhyãy book “Pãthey” was inaugurated by Pujya Dilipbhai.

In the shibir, from morning to evening, between 5.30am to 10.30pm, the campers took part in lots of daily activities including Prãnãyãm, Yogãsan, Aarti, Dhun-Prayers, Daily poojã, Shramyagna, Campus cleaning, Tree planting, Sabhã in the morning and evening, Reading, Games, Quiz, Video darshan and Aanandbrahma.

During shibir, in the early morning, on 3rd June, the “Samuh Poojã” was organized at “Hirak Plãzã” and Pujya Rasikbhai explained the method of Poojã. On June 4th, at “Brahmasamãdhi”, in the divine presence of Pujya Ashvinbhai, the rhythmic dhun-bhajan-prãrthanã was organized.

On June 5th, campers went Vadtal – a divine place by walking. With campers, in Vadtal Padyãtrã, Vratdhãri Santo and other elders also joined them. At Vadtal temple, they performed Dhun, Prãrthanã, Aarti and Darshan. The Sabhã was organized at “Ghanshyãm Baug” on the bank of lake Gomti. Pujya Ratibhai and Pujya Ashvinbhai gave blessings. The saints from Vadtal also joined this sabhã. Pujya Satyaprakash Swami explained the significance, importance and greatness of Vadtal temple and gave blessings.

On June 7th, in the Prabhãt Feri (Morning Procession) with the chanting of Dhun, everyone enjoyed by doing pradakshinã of “Brahmsamãdhi”, “Hridaykunj”, “Parmitã” temple, Guruvarya Param Pujya Sahebji's residence “Upãsanã” at Brahmajyoti and Bhadrã's Banyan Tree.

To provide special guidance to boys and girls, the joint youth sessions were organized and they were provided valuable guidance from Pujya Ashvinbhai daily. He gave guidance and explained the importance of “Aagnã pãlan”, “the devotion for Aagnã Pãlan”, and “definition of young people.” Also on the subjects of the “Commitment and planning after the responsibility of sevã”, “Importance of Guru”, “the devotion in Seva”, “Career Planning”, and “Railway-Bus-Air travel booking”, the guidance were provided by Pujya Dilipbhai, Pujya Sandipbhai, Pujya Divyeshbhai, Pujya Peterbhai, Pujya Rajubhai, Dr. Bharatbhai Pandya and Pujya Pankajbhai Padhiyar.

Dr. Mukeshbhai Bhagat, Dr. Amiben, Dr. Purviben and others gave explanation on the topics of “who is stronger- Satsang or Kusang (bad company)?”, “Goal of a life” and “Dental care.” Young girls got guidance from Parulben, Koshaben, Hinaben, Miraben, Seemaben and others with regard to tradition and culture and training of craft. One day, in the evening, the Satsang examination was organized.

In the shibir for kids sessions, Pujya Gopalbhai, Pujya Ranchhodbhai and Pujya Pinakinbhai gave guidance on various subjects including daily poojã, Aarti, importance of Dhun-Prayers, Tilak-chãndlo, attending regular sabhã, respect parents, self reliability, keep clean your items by your self, respects elders and always think positive.

During Bãl-Gunjan and Yuvã-Gunjan program, the campers got opportunity to share their experiences.

In the evening activities, campers watched “Dãsãnudãs” and “Khorãsã nã Rajabhai” play in video darshan. They took part in One Minute Show and enjoyed. In the Kirtan Sandhyã, Pujya Keyurbhai, Rahul, Chirag, Hardik, Sarju, Sagar, Ronak, Nishchal, Ajay, Saumya, Nikhil, Tushar, Anil, Dr. Pratik and Krunal performed bhajans. In the cultural program, the kids from Surat, Ankleshwar, Khambhat, Mogri and other mandal’s kids, and youths performed Bhajan, Dance, Garba and Musical play. In the quiz-antãkshari program, there were four rounds which include: Satsang quiz, general knowledge quiz, Ball-passing, and Bhajan Antãkshari. Pujya Utpalbhai was judge in this program. For female kids and youths, the Garbã and Recreation Games was organized.

On 7th June, with the divine presence of Pujya Ashvinbhai, Pujya Ratibhai, Pujya Poonabhai, Pujya Dilipbhai, Pujya Gopalbhai, Pujya Bharatbhai Pandya and other saints, the closing ceremony with poojan-pushpãhar arpan was organized. Campers Sarju Tailor, Rucha Patel, Harsh Padhiyar, Bhakti Patel, Avnish, Trushil and others shared experiences with regard to shibir. Seemaben, Miraben, Shefaliben and others gave occasional speech. Pujya Yagneshbhai (saint) and Parulben thanked all who gave their support including campers and their parents. They thanked Pujya Prafullbhai, who did sevã for kitchen for preparation for various dishes for kids. Shibir Photographs CD and Cultural Program DVD inaugurated by Pujya Ashvinbhai and Pujya Gopalbapa.

Pujya Gopalbhai, Pujya Dilipbhai, Pujya Poonambhai, Pujya Ratibhai, Pujya Ashvinbhai gave blessings and appreciated the sevã of all performed with focus to please Thãkorji. Pujya Shantibhai, Pujya Harshadbhai, Pujya Himatswami, Dr. Virendrabhai (USA) gave blessing by telephone from England. Guruvarya Param Pujya Sahebji gave blessings and congratulates them. Please study by keeping in God and saint in center, live life with satsang, God gives everyone the happiness of Akshardhãm for their new beginning of life with new direction.

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